Z-Valley is a social business whose ambition is the achievement of universal healthcare coverage in Benin.

We are a group of young pan Africanist, visionary working for a healthy, educated and prosperous Africa. We refused to believe that what happen to us is hazardous. We believe that, the world as of today has the necessary resources for a peaceful, secure, and healthy Africa that could bring its footprint into the building of World of Peace, Justice, shared prosperity and healthcare for all.
We have decided to close the gap in the health care service delivery, between Sub Sahara Africa and the best health care system in the world by 2030. We have decided to build the backbone of the Sub Sahara Africa health care system so that basic health care services such as immunization, preventive medicine, great quality newborn and maternal care is readily available for the most vulnerable of our people.

Our Vision

is one of an educated, prosperous, physically, mentally and socially healthy African population. We aim at providing great quality health care services that is geographically and financially accessible to all of African people starting from Benin Republic.


Take responsibility to meet our promises is a cardinal value that guides our decision making process in the realm of pragmatism and dignity. The credibility and the survival of our business model depend on it.


Funding President: Jacob N. ZANNOU

Mr. Jacob Zannou, is a young pan Africanist, passionate of Health Systems and public health. He has forged his convictions and the base of his combat for Africa through a personal and intense experience of how difficult it is for poor indigenous people to access basic healthcare services in rural Africa. This experience has forced him to learn how the health care system work in his home country Benin as well as in the neighbor countries…


Re-engineering new health system Strengthening model for developing countries in Sub-Sahara Africa…


Junior consultant at UNICEF and the World Bank Benin from 2002 to 2006 Jacob has successfully conducted…

Guest speaker

Guest speaker at the University of Hong Kong school of medicine and public health in 2011…

Invest In Room to breathe

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The main street people’s power is enough to turn around Africa’s children healthcare tragedy into a positive history. If you believe we can create a chain of angels to change the course of history let hold hands where ever you are in the world.

For every dollar you invest in by paying directly for the care of Africans’ child or senior you are building the basic four pillars needed to leverage the potentials of Africa healthcare system. Together we will rewrite a different story of Africa’s health care tragedy in less than 15 years. Every year we will have the Africans angels’ conference in Africa to assess our progress and set new goals. The battle ground is in the small villages in rural Africa. Together we will prevail.
Be an angel.


They are many ways to get involved in something fantastic. Let’s provide healthcare for humanity.

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