Funding President: Jacob N. ZANNOU

Mr. Jacob Zannou, is a young pan Africanist, passionate of Health Systems and public health. He has forged his convictions and the base of his combat for Africa through a personal and intense experience of how difficult it is for poor indigenous people to access basic healthcare services in rural Africa. This experience has forced him to learn how the health care system work in his home country Benin as well as in the neighbor countries.

This experience has moved Jacob to re-engineering a new health system Strengthening model for developing countries in Sub-Sahara Africa, in which the HUMAN BEING is the center of it all, not the MONEY.

Jacob is a Benin and U.S trained registered nurse, who hold a bachelor degree in Healthcare Management from Bellevue University (Nebraska) and a Master’s degree of Science in Global Health Sciences from the University of San Francisco California.

Junior consultant at UNICEF and the World Bank Benin from 2002 to 2006 Jacob has successfully conducted designed implemented, and evaluated several, TB/HIV, Malaria and gender approach programs in Benin.

As Africa Regional Program Coordinator for East Meets West Jacob was a key instrument in proving the very first bubble C-Pap for the neonatology and pediatric department of Benin’s only tertiary hospital Huber Koutoukou Maga in Cotonou. USAID Benin has recently through the Thrive Network awarded funding to expend the program to other hospitals in Benin and neighbor countries.

As guest speaker at the University of Hong Kong school of medicine and public health in 2011, and 2014, Jacob has successfully advocate for the ‘’ Room to breathe project’’ which has received support from the University and the Children Medical Foundation.

Jacob worked with Treatment Action Group (TAG) and Open Society Organization as community expert in Africa on TB and HIV issues.
Jacob has 18 years of experience in global health and the health care service delivery field. He won the prestigious every day Hero Gallery Award in 2012 and was the very first Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurse award winner in December 2010 at Kaiser Permanente Oakland, California.

Kaiser Permanente is the biggest health care consortium in the United States of America and its premises in California yet for the eight years’ consecutive ranks highest in J.D Power Member Health Plan study.

Jacob’s vision, conviction and his personal experience forced him to find the right and best way to solving Benin and West Africa’s primary health care problem. He created a social business Z-VALLEY LLC -Polyclinic St. Anne Cotonou in his home country Benin with a UNIQUE strategy to solving the neonatal and maternal health care tragedy ongoing now for decades in Sub Saharan Africa.

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