Global healthcare

As a global healthcare community we know what it will take to save children’s and maternal lives in Africa. Four critical steps clearly lay out by the World Health Organization in its annual report decades ago.

1- Build Africa’s health care infrastructure (hospitals, maternity wards, medical supply chains….)
2- Train and retain Africa’s health workforce in Africa
3- Build a health information system using new healthcare technologies.
4- Great stewardship.

These are the four pillars described as essential by the world Health Organization to convey basic health care services such as routine immunization for newborns, babies and preventive care for pregnant women to halt the continuous newborn and maternal death toll tragedy in Africa.


Waifaa is the Angel’s healthcare mutual funds designed to facilitate financial access to the main street population. For a $20 monthly health plan, we promise almost 100% coverage for the member including prescription generic drugs.


This is the faces of newborns at Polyclinic Ste. Anne.


They are many ways to get involved in something fantastic. Let’s provide healthcare for humanity.

On site clinical experience
Please let us know if you want to come in Benin serve with us and visit one of the most beautiful peaceful and safe country in West Africa. We will help you with visa, immunization requirements, and in country accommodation. Please the Onsite clinical experience form

Sign up to help for direct care (reading X-Rays, EKG et….). Give a 15 min e-consult for patients that could not afford the price otherwise. We are in need of some specialties that are not otherwise available in the country. Please support us by giving us your time.

Please file up the sign in form and we will have you in the movement of serving the African’s child. We will average the hours of free e-consult you provide on a quarterly basis and issue a certificate of recognition for service to the underserved in Africa.

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